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Acupuncture Treatment

Find solutions to ongoing problems and treat various health conditions with this traditional Chinese medical treatment.

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What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a natural healing therapy that has been around for thousands of years. Originating in China, it’s become increasingly popular in the West as more and more people discover its incredible benefits!

The process itself is painless, but results can vary from person to person depending on lifestyle, diet and other factors. Acupuncture can yield remarkable improvements in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health – so why not give it a try?


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How does it work?

The practice relies on stimulating certain body parts using very thin needles. It is believed that these needles can unblock energy pathways, known as “meridians”, to allow bodily systems to work properly again. Moreover, whilst the needles are gently inserted, the practitioner may also use heat or electrical impulses, stimulating further healing effects. This type of treatment is often used for various conditions, such as headaches, digestive issues and chronic pain.

A few very thin needles will be inserted into specific spots on your body.  The needles are sterile, disposable and as thin as human hair. One session of treatment will take about 30 minutes. The lights will be dimmed, and relaxing music will be put on to help you relax. You will be checked on throughout your session to ensure you’re comfortable.

What to expect

Many people who have undergone acupuncture treatments report that it can provide pain relief, reduce symptoms associated with certain medical conditions, and even improve overall mental health and wellbeing. Research suggests that acupuncture may be beneficial at reducing pain in specific areas of the body and helping restore the body after injury or illness.

Individual results will vary depending on what symptoms you are seeking to address.Some patients experience immediate improvement after treatment. Several treatments are recommended to notice significant changes.

Prior to the treatment

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sugar before and after treatment. The fewer influencing factors you have in your system when the needles go in, the better. You should eat from a few hours before a session to 45 minutes beforehand. Protein or fresh, whole food is recommended.  

It is essential to have a light snack before acupuncture to avoid light-headedness, dizziness or even fainting.

Chinese Holistic Health Treatments

Acupuncture helps to treat:


Do the needles hurt?

The needle sensation is like a dull ache, and sometimes there is a pleasant feeling of release. You will notice a sensation arising from a needle but not pain. Once the needle has reached the correct depth, the patient should feel a slight sensation as the needle contacts the Qi. This feeling is known as ‘de qi’- Qi has been reached. The feeling of de qi is pleasant and comfortable.

Very occasionally, you may feel slightly more sensation from the needles. If this happens, it is often a sign that there is more blockage of the Qi, and strong needle manipulation is required.

How many needles are used at each treatment?

In general, four to ten needles are used per treatment, but the number varies according to your condition and the strength of your Qi. Usually, more needles are needed for an acute condition than a chronic one. If you have a more fragile constitution, you may require fewer needles than if you have a strong one.

Will the needles make me bleed?

It is highly unusual for acupuncture needles to draw blood during treatment. The acupuncture needles are so fine that they will not pierce blood vessels. A small drop of blood is drawn on rare occasions, and a tiny bruise can appear. This will not affect the treatment, and there is nothing to worry about.

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