Beauty Treatments

Deep cleaning facial

We are adept in deep cleansing, exfoliation and face mask beauty treatments, for both normal and sensitive skin conditions.

All of which can be followed by a soft, smooth and soothing face and head massage using collagen to smooth your fine lines and ensure you leave feeling as refreshed as your best feelings.

Bromley Herbal Spa Acupuncture treament room
Bromley Herbal Spa Acupuncture sauna with massage table

Mini-facial Acupuncture

Mini-facial Acupuncture can generate new skin growth and improve the circulation to the face. We are working with the various muscles in the face. Needles are used to stimulate the muscles and tighten them very similar to doing a sit up in the gym. Through training the muscles in the face you lose sagginess that seems to plague the people as people go age.

Beauty Massage

We have qualified therapist for this wonderful massage for facial circulation, clean spots or pigmentations, smoothing your skin, firming your facial skin and neck skin. This treatment is also called Anti-aging Massage as you can be looked younger after these brilliant massage treatments.

Bromley Herbal Spa Acupuncture treament room with flower wallpaper

Beauty Treatments Pricing